Immuno-Oncology (IO) represents the major breakthrough for cancer treatment of the last decades. Unlike traditional therapies that directly target cancer cells, this novel strategy consists in mobilizing the patient’s immune system via immune checkpoint inhibitors to eliminate cancer cells. However, despite multiple recent successes, a large majority of patients  are still resistant to such therapies. Therefore, new mechanisms of action need to be exploited in order to deliver novel drugs that will ultimately increase the rate of responders to IO treatments.

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Over the last years, GPCRs (A2aR, A2bR, EP4R, CCR8…) rose as breakthrough targets mediating immunosuppression and resistance to immune checkpoint inhibitors and constitute strategic receptors to deliver innovative immunotherapies to the patient population. Based on our cross validated approach and proprietary platform, we have identified and validated brand new GPCR targets and launched highly differentiated drug discovery programs (small molecules and monoclonal antibodies) with the objective to expand a unique and exclusive GPCR focus pipeline in immune-oncology. These programs have the potential of first-in-class drugs.


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A2aR/A2bR antagonist

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EP4 receptor antagonist