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GPCRs, an important untapped source of new drug targets in immuno-oncology

We turn GPCR drug discovery into life changing medicines

With the recent emergence of several G Protein Coupled Receptors, GPCRs, as strategic means to re-arm the immune system against tumors, our company stands   at the forefront of immuno-oncology in the biopharma industry. Our recognised expertise in the GPCR field uniquely positions us to lead this change.

Domain Therapeutics is the only company to have built a pipeline exclusively focused  on GPCRs for immuno-oncology. We are committed   to unveiling new and even intractable  GPCR targets and bringing the most efficient immunotherapies to the patient.

GPCR therapeutic targets represent 30% of currently marketed drugs, and also constitute the largest class of therapeutic targets playing a crucial role in regulating a variety of cell functions. While traditionally known for modulation of cardiometabolic and central nervous systems, as well as the immune system, their potential in immuno-oncology remains largely untapped. We are here to change that.

Overcoming immunosuppression to optimize the efficacy of immunotherapy

The immune system is our body’s natural defence system that has multiple functions including the detection and destruction of cancer cells. Immunotherapy treatments work by stimulating the natural defences of the immune system to fight cancer.

Some tumors can deploy different immunosuppressive strategies to escape immunosurveillance and shut down the anti-tumor immune responses. Such immunosuppression can either occur by silencing the immune system via direct contact through the immune checkpoint system, or by releasing immunosuppressive molecules in the tumor microenvironment to limit the efficacy of immunotherapy and undermine clinical outcomes.

Over the last few years, research has identified several opportunities to target GPCRs in oncology and some GPCRs have emerged as playing a pivotal role in immunosuppression.

Re-examining how we see cancer to increase the success rate in immunotherapy

To achieve optimal clinical benefits, a comprehensive tumor profiling is necessary to strengthen research capabilities and tackle the complexities of cancer.

Our innovative science builds upon two decades of GPCR expertise. In addition to leveraging our insights to harness the power of immunity, advancing precision medicine for cancer requires a robust biomarker strategy to identify the therapeutic indications and target the patient sub-populations who are most likely to respond to treatments.

This allows us to ensure the optimal positioning for each of our assets in the most relevant indication and subpopulation of patients. To date, our differentiated and diverse portfolio comprises of best-in-class as well as first-in-class assets that address several immunosuppressive mechanisms targeting different immune cell populations and infiltrated cells that form the tumor microenvironment.

We design the optimal and tailor-made treatments to turn a non-responder into a responder and increase the success rate in clinic.