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Unlocking new possibilities in immuno-oncology

Our GPCR science is driven by patient needs

Guided by our unwavering commitment to advancing therapeutic progress in cancer treatment, we always put patients’ needs first, aiming to deliver effective therapeutic solutions to the clinic. The complex and heterogeneous nature of cancer necessitates a deep knowledge of tumor biology to understand the response to immunotherapy. Possessing an extensive expertise in the mechanisms of immunosuppression triggered by the tumor is crucial to fast-tracking scientific breakthroughs and achieving our vision of a future without cancer  .

Precision is the cornerstone of our approach at Domain. It spans every stage of drug discovery in the development process of new therapeutic strategies. We believe that precision research is essential to ensure optimal clinical development and positioning of immuno-oncology drugs, making them effective in reversing GPCR-mediated immunosuppression.

Our focused and biomarker-driven approach aims to identify the most relevant tumor types and patient sub-populations which would benefit from our proprietary immunotherapies. We combine patient-centricity and innovation to drive change and provide the unprecedented access to precision enabled immunotherapies for cancer patients.

GPCRs, a strategic Achilles’ heel of immunosuppression

With only 20% of cancer patients responding to current immuno-oncology treatments, there is still a high unmet need which we are committed to changing. It is necessary to develop more effective therapeutic solutions to improve patient outcomes for cancer.   We believe in power of understanding cancer to reverse the mechanism of immunosuppression and develop game-changing immunotherapies.

Our scientifically validated proprietary drug discovery platform has identified over 70 GPCRs involved in immunosurveillance mechanisms. These GPCR targets have been cross-validated with preclinical and clinical data. They constitute the backbone of our robust pipeline of next-generation immunotherapies, which aim to rearm the immune system of cancer patients and increase their positive outcomes in the clinic.

From initial GPCR target identification and validation, through a rigorous assessment of all key preclinical aspects of modern GPCR drug discovery process, we design and advance groundbreaking immuno-oncology assets to clinical development.

Shaping future development of cancer immunotherapy

Cancer is not just one disease, there are many different cancer sub-types, each with its own specificities and response to treatment. While our robust scientific evaluation of target biology already addresses this complexity, biomarkers provide a broad spectrum of additional valuable insights into treatment efficacy driving precision in clinical development and further maximizing the potential for successful outcomes.

Our integrated approach is based on the precise biomarker strategy that guides the clinical positioning and development   of each of our assets in the right indications, for the right sub-populations of patients and in the right combination treatments. We believe that this approach will serve as a roadmap for delivering bespoke solutions for cancer patients, also known as precision medicine.

Domain’s precision research approach aims to guide the precision medicine treatment. This includes precision in target identification, precision in candidate selection and profiling, precision in differentiated properties and precision in the tumor types and cancer subpopulation of patients. By integrating precision at each stage of our immunotherapies’ development, we believe that cancer patients have a better chance of responding to the immunotherapies we bring to the clinic. This, in turn, enhances the potential of improved outcomes.