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A unique GPCR company dedicated to immuno-oncology

Domain Therapeutics is a global clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, pioneering the unique and visionary approach of  GPCR-targeting cancer immunotherapies. With over two decades of drug discovery expertise, our highly experienced team is fueled by a profound passion to make a real difference for people living with cancer worldwide. Our mission is to lead the clinical development of innovative therapeutics that will be game-changers for cancer patients. We are fully dedicated to unlocking the power of immune system

We envision a future where we can outsmart cancer to transform and save lives

We push the boundaries of science to precisely uncover the right therapeutic targets, pioneering the vast potential of GPCRs, which still remain largely untapped in immuno-oncology. This enables us to  ensure optimal clinical development and innovative positioning of our immunotherapies.

By leveraging our expertise, innovative approach and proprietary platform, we deliver precision-enabled  immunotherapies striving to increase the treatment success rate in the clinic. Our goal is to bring innovative therapeutics that can rearm the immune system and help achieve the best possible outcome for cancer patients.

Despite the advancements in immunotherapies, including immune checkpoint inhibitors, nearly 80% of cancer patients still do not see the benefits of these therapeutics. To address this high unmet need, we are committed to developing novel therapeutic solutions for non-responding cancer patients. We empower dedicated clinicians with our leading GPCR science, aiming to provide them with innovative therapeutic solutions that can help fight cancer more effectively.

Creating value through innovative approaches and partnerships

We are developing a unique pipeline of first-in-class and best-in-class treatments to reverse GPCR-mediated immunosuppression and resistance to immune checkpoint inhibitors. Our progress is significantly accelerated by leading international venture capital firms. These include 3B Future Health Fund, Seventure, Schroders, Omnes, Turenne and Theodorus in Europe, Panacea and Viva in Asia and CTI Life Science and adMare in North America. Their support propels our company’s development forward.

By combining both external and internal innovation, we are investing in proprietary R&D programs in immuno-oncology to progress promising drug candidates into the clinic. Our leading expertise in the GPCR field is widely recognized, as demonstrated by our multiple partnership deals with top pharma companies and collaborations with globally renowned experts. It has also enabled the development of a proprietary pipeline of GPCR-targeting programs beyond immuno-oncology. Domain’s expertise is playing a pivotal role in driving key collaborations with pharma partners in other therapeutic areas where GPCRs are strategic targets to derive innovative therapeutic solutions.

Domain is led by a team of expert industry leaders based in Europe and North America, spearheaded by Sean A. MacDonald, and a Scientific Advisory Board chaired by Professor Michel Bouvier, recipient of the 2021 Killam Prize for his contribution to biomedical research.