McGill is one of Domain Therapeutics’s partners

Domain Therapeutics, Université de Montréal, IRICoR and McGill University entered into a licensing and partnership agreement in 2013 to develop a first generation of biosensors aiming at profiling a signalling pathways downstream of G protein coupled receptors.

The consortium dedicated to design the bioSens-All® technology was led by professor Michel Bouvier with the support of the Quebec Consortium for Drug Discovery (CQDM). This biosensors-based approach aims at unveiling the signaling signature of GPCRs biased ligands. Domain Therapeutics in licensed this powerful technology enabling to discriminate the functional regulation of intracellular molecular pathways. Domain Therapeutics is granted with worldwide rights to use it for its internal research, collaborations, and also to offer access via fee-for-service contracts.

In 2016 a second collaboration agreement was signed by Domain Therapeutics, Université de Montréal, IRICoR, and McGill University aiming at developing a second generation of G Protein Coupled Receptor biosensors (see press release).

This new license extends the first one, issued in 2013, to further develop the biosensors-based platform bioSens-All® as a for a differentiating approach to profile biased ligand signaling signatures and in particular trafficking of GPCRs.