Marjorie Sidhoum

Vice-President Business Development & Corporate Communication

Marjorie Sidhoum is Domain Therapeutics Business development and Communication Vice-President
Marjorie Sidhoum is Vice-President Business Development & Corporate Communication at Domain Therapeutics. With more than 10 years of experience in the entrepreneurship, business and management, she has been instrumental in multiple deals and head both business development department and communication department. She joined the company in 2013 to strengthen and develop the business activity. Marjorie is also a board member of Find Therapeutics. Prior to that she led the incubation and incorporation of Almetis, a spin-off of the University of Strasbourg, dedicated to the discovery of innovative medicines in oncology then co-founded Almetis and managed the corporate and business development activities of the start-up. She has a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology from University of Strasbourg, France, and is a graduated from Challenge Plus, a program of HEC Paris Business School.