In 2017, Domain Therapeutics and Pfizer signed a collaboration agreement to accelerate the validation of novel GPCR drug targets using bioSens-All™ (see press release)

In 2020, Domain Therapeutics and Pfizer signed another collaboration agreement to perform a second research collaboration aiming at profiling downstream signaling pathways on a larger set of GPCRs potentially involved across multiple therapeutic areas. The Domain’s proprietary platform technology bioSens-All® is at a core of this drug discovery and development of personalized medicines program and selection of the right subpopulation of patients, considering each person’s unique genetic background.

Program description

Multi-target collaboration for rare diseases

  • Discovery
  • Candidate
  • Preclinical
  • Phase I

This multi-target drug discovery program aims at validating potential targets across a range of therapeutic indications by probing the structure-function relationships of various amino acid substitutions in each GPCRs.

The findings from this research collaboration will accelerate the validation of GPCR targets through the large scale molecular pharmacological analysis of rare naturally occurring human GPCRs, and subsequent linking of diversity of coupling profiles with diseases.

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