[ video ] The IRIC Virtual Symposium on June 4 : “GPCRs In Oncology & Immuno-oncology” – Sponsored by Domain Therapeutics

GPCRs constitute the largest family of human membrane proteins and play a critical role in fundamental physiological and pathological processes.

With approximately one-third of marketed drugs targeting GPCRs, the ability of this family of receptors to be used as therapeutics is unmatched. However, their involvement and drug discovery potential in oncology and immuno-oncology is somewhat new.

Presided over by Michel Bouvier, CEO of IRIC, and sponsored by Domain Therapeutics, this virtual symposium will showcase some of the latest discoveries and techniques leveraging the potential of GPCRs in these crucial areas.

Leading experts, such as Domain Therapeutics CTO Xavier Leroy, will share the results of world-class academic and private research on GPCRs in oncology and immuno-oncology.

In this event, You will also have the opportunity to participate in live Q&A after each presentation, as well as discuss the topics and network with the speakers at the end of the symposium.


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