Domain Therapeutics presents posters at the American Association for Cancer Research Virtual Annual Meeting II

Posters highlight latest developments of the company’s oncology and immuno-oncology franchise through four strategic assets


Strasbourg, France, June 22, 2020 – Domain Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company specializing in the discovery and development of new drugs targeting G Protein-Coupled Receptors (GPCRs) in immuno-oncology, neurology and rare diseases, announces today that it presents the latest developments of its oncology and immuno-oncology (IO) franchise at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Virtual Annual Meeting II.

The four posters disclose I) a drug candidate EP4 antagonist with best-in-class potential, II) the GPCR-ome analysis from tumor micro-environment to identify the next generation of immune checkpoints, III) the bioSens-All™ technology platform to drive drug discovery on mutated Receptor Tyrosine Kinases (RTKs) and iv) the bioSens-All™ technology platform to study real-time signalling pathways of immune checkpoint inhibitors.

Over the last years Domain Therapeutics has committed time and resources into creating an oncology and IO franchise, associating the development of a high-value pipeline of innovative drug candidates and expansion of BRET-based platform to strategic targets.

“Because very few patients benefit from checkpoint inhibitor treatments due to the release of immunosuppressors in the tumor microenvironment, Domain focuses on GPCR-mediated immunosuppressive mechanisms of resistance. That includes the adenosine pathway, through our collaboration with Merck KGaA, and the prostaglandin pathway, the subject of poster #6697,” said Dr Stephan Schann, Research and Development Director at Domain Therapeutics. “The company is fueling its proprietary pipeline with valuable novel targets identified through the GPCR-ome analysis of immunosuppressive tumoral context, as described in poster #934.”

Disclosing the company’s most recent developments, the poster “DT095895, a selective EP4 receptor antagonist with monotherapy efficacy in syngeneic mouse model(s) and best-in-class properties” (Poster #6697) presents the complete characterization of Domain’s drug candidate benchmarked to EP4 antagonist molecules currently in the clinic. Such a candidate presents a best-in-class potential.

The poster “GPCR-ome modulation upon PD1/PDL1 axis blockade” (Poster #934), co-authored with French companies Explicyte and Institut Bergonié, discloses an in-depth GPCR expression analysis from a tumor micro-environment to dissect out mechanisms of resistance to immune checkpoint inhibitors. Such data opens avenues for the discovery of the next generation of immune checkpoints.

“The AACR Virtual Annual Meeting is an important event where we can present the most recent progressions of our bioSens-All™ platform,” said Dr Xavier Leroy, Chief Technology Officer at Domain Therapeutics. “Such breakthrough technology brings novel insights about the characterization of signaling pathways of mutated RTKs, as well as addressing real-time kinetics of immune checkpoint inhibitors.”

The poster “Decrypting EGFR signaling with BRET biosensors: a novel approach to study RTK mutations and the effects of inhibitors” (Poster #6304) illustrates a valuable BRET-based platform used to characterize RTK candidates regarding constitutive activity, real-time kinetics or the impact of RTK mutations on signaling pathways.

The poster “Development of a pharmacological platform to study in real-time immune checkpoints signaling pathways: validation with therapeutics mAbs and small molecules” (Poster #6308) presents the last generation of the bioSens-All™ platform dedicated to the identification and characterization of immune checkpoint inhibitors.

The posters and audio description can be downloaded at the AACR website

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