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A unique platform for our drug discovery in immuno-oncology

Target Identification platform

Over years, we have built up a pipeline of assets in immuno-oncology to tackle GPCR-mediated immunosuppression. To fuel this pipeline, we have structured a polyvalent and unique platform based on the identification and the cross-validation of GPCRs involved in immunosuppression mechanisms. Such platform constitutes a unique source of novel GPCR targets from which we discover the next generation of therapeutic candidates that can be combined with immune checkpoint in the clinic.

bioSens-All®️ interrogates GPCR Signaling

Our proprietary bioSens-All® platform was implemented to interrogate the signaling complexity associated with GPCR activation. It consists of a panel of 63 BRET-based biosensors each designed to follow one specific signaling event upon GPCR activation.

Applications include :

  • Signaling signature of wild-type receptors versus mutant variants in all mode of actions
  • Orthosteric and allosteric compound bias effects
  • Orphan receptor signaling signature determination (deorphanization)
  • Detection of receptor constitutive activity
  • Receptor trafficking and regulation

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