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Open positions


Domain Therapeutics is looking for post-doctoral researchers, to co-apply for a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship.

The position will only be open upon obtention of the European grant. For a successful application, you have to fit the eligibility criteria requested by the European Union.

→ August 15, 2020 : deadline for candidate application at Domain Therapeutics
→ September 9, 2020 : deadline for the grant co-application
→ March 2021 : estimated starting date of the project


    • Implementation of a novel proprietary technology for in-vivo and in-vitro target and drugs validation
      (ref: MSCA-DT01)
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    • Development of biomarkers for target engagement and efficacy using an ex-vivo pharmacology approach
      (ref: MSCA-DT02)
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    • Characterization of tumour-infiltrated lymphocytes (TILs) and immunosuppressive myeloid cells (gMDSCs and mMDSCs) from human tumours
      (ref: MSCA-DT03)
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    • Characterization of therapeutic antibodies on human and mouse GPCRs 
      (ref: MSCA-DT04)
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    • Development of novel BRET biosensors targeting immune-checkpoints
      (ref: MSCA-DT05)
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    • Novel animal models validation of chemotherapy-related neuropathies
      (ref: MSCA-DT06)
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    • Design and synthesis of a novel smart drug-like small molecule library.   
      (ref: MSCA-DT07)
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