Immuno-oncology (IO) represents the major breakthrough for cancer treatment of the last decades. Unlike traditional therapies that target directly cancer cells, this novel strategy consists in mobilizing the patient’s immune system to eliminate cancer cells. However, despite multiple recent successes, a significant percentage of the patient population are still resistant to such therapies. Therefore new mechanisms of action need to be exploited in order to deliver novel drugs that will ultimately increase the rate of responders to IO treatments.

We develop a first-in-class antibody targeting an undisclosed GPCR target for IO therapy.

Program description

Undisclosed anti-GPCR antibody

  • Discovery
  • Candidate
  • Preclinical
  • Clinical

We have identified a GPCR with a specific expression on tumor infiltrating Treg. This cell population is known to be responsible for the shut-down of the anti-tumoral immune response. A drug discovery program was launched with the objective to discover and develop a humanized antibody targeting this GPCR.
This program illustrates the recent strategic extension of Domain’s R&D activities with the addition of an antibody platform to tackle key GPCRs involved in immuno-oncology.

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