In 2015, Domain Therapeutics together with Dominique Bagnard, Gérard Crémel and Pierre Hubert, three academic researchers from the university of Strasbourg co-founded PeptiMimesis. This new entity was fully dedicated to complete and further develop a transmembrane peptide technology and exploit this breakthrough approach in oncology. PeptiMimesis was supported by Cap Innov’Est, a regionally-based seed fund and the French national Bank of investments Bpifrance. In 2020, Find Therapeutics, a new drug development company dedicated to the development of the next generation of GPCR allosteric modulators to treat rare diseases, has been granted exclusive rights to exploit PeptiMimesis IP.


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Conventional drug candidates developed against membrane receptors essentially binds to extracellular or intracellular part of the targeted proteins. Transmembrane peptides are able to interfere with the transmembrane domain of receptors to modulate the receptor pharmacology. Such compounds constitute the next generation of allosteric modulators and biased ligands of GPCRs.

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